F 9 5 C 32 = + One way to remember when to use 9/5 and when to use 5/9 is to keep in mind that the Fahrenheit scale has more  divisions  than  the  Celsius  scale.  In  going  from Celsius  to  Fahrenheit,  multiply  by  the  ratio  that  is larger;  in  going  from  Fahrenheit  to  Celsius,  use  the smaller ratio. Another  method  of  converting  temperatures  from one   scale   to   another   is   the   decimal   method.   This method   uses   the   ratio   1°C   equals   1.8°F.   To   find Fahrenheit from Celsius, multiply the Celsius value by 1.8   and   add   32.   To   find   Celsius   from   Fahrenheit, 1-14 1Fahrenheit temperatures are rounded to the nearest 0.5 degree.  For a more exact conversion, utilize the psychrometric computer or the mathematical method. Table1-2 Table 1-2.—Temperature Conversion Scale


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